Hi all,
I've been searching for lirc support for this CIR chip.  I found another thread about how Intel and Nuvoton are not releasing information for Linux support.  But on the tech details page for the chip it says that:
  • Glue functions to complement the South Bridge functionality identical to the PC8374L Glue
  • Pin and software compliance with the existing PC8374L features
  • (see more here http://www.nuvoton.com/hq/enu/ProductAndSales/ProductLines/ComputerIC/SuperIO/AdvancedSuperIOforDesktop/WPCD376I.htm)

    So I was wondering if PC8374L has been implemented in lirc?

    This chip is on the Intel DG45FC mini-itx mobo.  Is there any hope for support for this chipset in my lifetime?  hehehe  
    Is there anything I can do to help?  Any info I can provide?