I am generally ok with getting irserver and lcdd to work, with the exception of some buttons not working reliably or at all on the remote (e.g. guide, menu).  But I assume that I will be able to get that to work at some point.
My main issue is having irserver play nice with my USB-UIRT to transmit to my dish stb.  I am able to get them each  (irserver or USB-UIRT) working separately but not together.  I had a glimmer of hope once I added the argument [output to /dev/lircd1] in my hardware.conf, as I no longer got the error messages in the logs, although nothing was being actually transmitted.  I figured that all I needed to square things was to restart my machine , but unfortunately, the minute I did that, it all went back to square one, only lircd is being created and it's being used by irserver.
I have used both the uirt2_raw and usb_uirt_raw drivers in my hardware.conf  to try to get things to work, with not much luck with either.
So if anyone is willing to provide assistance on that, it would truly be appreciated.

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Duncan Webb wrote:
> conrad montlouis wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would really appreciate some help/guidance with this issue. I would
>> like to know what driver to compile in order to have the receiver to work.

I forgot, it's been a year or so since I last configured the irserver,
you don't need lirc you just need a lircrc as the irserver has a lircd
built in. I has a webserver too but I can't get this to work.

This is how it is started

> export IRTRANS_DEVICE=/dev/ttyUSB0
> /usr/sbin/irserver64 -start_clock -daemon -netmask
> -netmask -logfile /var/log/irserver.log -loglevel 4
> -pidfile /var/run/irserver.pid ${IRTRANS_DEVICE}

The LCD display is started with:

> /usr/sbin/LCDd

You need irtrans LCDd driver.

> The device will handle just about any remote, eg:
> # cat /etc/irserver/remotes/mediacenter.rem
>    [NAME]mediacenter
>    [0][N]0[RC]1[RP]0[FREQ]36[SB][RC6]
>    [1][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000000001
>    [2][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000000010
>    [3][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000000011
>    [4][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000000100
>    [5][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000000101
>    [6][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000000110
>    [7][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000000111
>    [8][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000001000
>    [9][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000001001
>    [0][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000000000
>    [Asterix][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000011101
>    [Hash][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000011100
>    [ok][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000100010
>    [left][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000100000
>    [right][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000100001
>    [down][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000011111
>    [up][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000011110
>    [play][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000010110
>    [power][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000001100
>    [Stop][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000011001
>    [Rec][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000010111
>    [Rew][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000010101
>    [Fwd][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000010100
>    [Pause][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000011000
>    [Next][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000011010
>    [Prev][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000011011
>    [eHome][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000001101
>    [Back][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000100011
>    [EPG][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000100110
>    [Info][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000001111
>    [LiveTV][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000100101
>    [Videos][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010001001010
>    [Music][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010001000111
>    [TV][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010001000110
>    [Pictures][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010001001001
>    [Vol+][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000010000
>    [Vol-][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000010001
>    [Mute][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000001110
>    [Ch+][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000010010
>    [Ch-][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000010011
>    [Enter][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000001011
>    [Clear][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000001010
>    [DVDMenu][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000100100
>    [RecTV][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010001001000
>    [Messenger][T][0][D]S11101010000000000011110000010001100100
>    [Radio][T][0][D]S11101010000000000011110000010001010000
>    [Teletext][T][0][D]S11101010000000000011110000010001011010
>    [Red][T][0][D]S11101010000000000011110000010001011011
>    [Green][T][0][D]S11101010000000000011110000010001011100
>    [Yellow][T][0][D]S11101010000000000011110000010001011101
>    [Blue][T][0][D]S11101010000000000011110000010001011110
>    [GreenButton][T]0[D]S11101010000000000011110000010000001101
>> I have have been trying for a while now to get the ir receiver to work
>> on my case with not much success so far it is an Origenae x11.  I know
>> that the receiver works because I am able to use it when using the
>> IRtrans server app.  However, in order to control my *STB *I have to use
>> lirc.  I am using a usb-uirt as my transmitter and that seems to work,
>> at least from the attached keyboard, to control mythtv.
>> My issue is that I have tried to use the mceusb (lirc_mceusb2) driver so
>> far and it has never worked.  It was suggested to me that maybe I am
>> using the wrong driver.  So my question is which driver should I be
>> using to get the receiver to work?

BTW I would only recommend the Origenae x11 to complete masochists
unless they have changed their design. Having to plug the USB and
IEEE-1394 connectors pin by pin was a *real* pain. Even changing their
noisy fans for quieter ones was a nightmare. This list goes on...

It does have some plus points the hard disk mounting is cleaver, the
irtrans, optional extra, works well. It does look more like a piece of
hi-fi than a computer. When you've got the right components it is quiet.

But I would never buy an Origen case again.