I filed a bug report "Nuvoton CIR driver does not activate its LED monitor output", tagged "Enhancement" to bugzilla.

14 maj 2011 kl. 20.45 skrev Jarod Wilson:

On May 14, 2011, at 8:24 AM, Bengt Nilsson wrote:


A comment about the Nuvotron driver under Ubuntu 11.04:
The MoBo CIR header has a CIR input and a LED output, the LED being a "monitor" to show you that the CIR command is detected when you press a remote button.
The LED is never activated for me, and I thought I had blown the circuit by mistake when putting together the receiver.
Now when I boot Win7 (I have a dual boot) I see that the LED is indeed active when I press a remote button. I thought that the LED was a direct HW function from CIR withing the chip itself, but apparently not, it ís a driver function.

Yeah, with a number of pieces of hardware, there's a "blink LED" register you
can blat something into within the receive handler to show activity. I never
thought to look into it for nuvoton-cir.

I agree it is not REALLY important, but it would be a nice thing to have the LED working.
Who takes care of this? Launchpad?

Ew. No. Launchpad is a Canonical/Ubuntu thing. I'm the author and maintainer of
nuvoton-cir, and I don't work for Canonical, nor do I run Ubuntu, and I'm not
aware of anyone at Canonical doing any sort of devel work on the rc-core front.

The most apropos place to file an RFE against nuvoton-cir would be at
bugzilla.kernel.org, with <myfirstname>@redhat.com cc'd (or set as the assignee,
if you're able to). This shouldn't be terribly hard to implement, though I don't
think my own nuvoton-cir hardware has the LED, so it'll require testing on your