Christoph Bartelmus <> wrote:

Jose Rubio "" wrote:

> Can't figure out how to track down this bug. Any ideas would be _really_
> appreciated.
> Symptom: I get repeated events from the remote with count of '00' It only
> happens with mythfrontend running and connected to lirc.

Compile lircd in debug mode and run it with -D3.
Post your lircd.conf. Which kernel driver are you using?


Well, I stumbled on the solution and I first I did not believe it, but I can reproduce it anytime I want.

The problem went away when I switch from the nv kernel module to the nvidia one


Yep, I put the nv module in xorg.conf, the remote doesn't work properly with mythtv (and only mythtv as far as I could tell)

I remove the nv module and put the nvidia module.  remote works great, faster and without _ever_ giving me the double zero's.

Anyone has any ideas?  I'd be happy --if anyone has any questions about my hardware-- to answer any questions, but you better email me directly.


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