Hello Adam,
I've been playing with your libftdi driver for LIRC. I've updated the
patch [...]
nice to hear that somebody actually managed to get it working ;-)

I've left it using pthreads for now, but since all the other lircd
backends that need concurrency use a separate, forked process, it might
be worth changing that too at some point. 
There should be no problem to move to a forked process I think. But I'm not a hero when it comes to working with patchfiles etc. Could you give me a hint how to apply your patch to the CVS version? How does your patchfile refer to 'a' and 'b' paths?

while typing this reply a mail from Christoph came in with some additional hints too..
- s/4/sizeof(lirc_t)
eeh... this indeed is a bit of a hack, and not portable. I think best is to define 'rxctr' to be of type lirc_t and use 'sizeof(lirc_t)' as the record length in the pipe.

- you probably can remove this set_nonblocking() stuff. I don't see why it  should be required (there are systems where O_NONBLOCK is not defined?  shiver ;))
I just copied it somewhere from the net, didn't pay much attention to it. So a simple 'fnct()' call in place is more elegant then.

- you are leaking the pipe file descriptors, close them

- fork instead of thread
I'd like to try to implement this, but I can't get Adam's patches to compile for me right now.

It all seems to work happily.
[..] it'd be worth getting into upstream LIRC.
Note that the transmitting part doesn't perform well. I've done some further testing, and there are really big 'gaps' in between the continous stream. This causes the transmitted carrier to contain unwanted pulses :-(
When supporting reception only, the bitrate (and therefore the USB traffic) can be descreased significantly.

I'm using the FT232R chip on an Arduino NG board (since I had a few of
[...]  http://offog.org/stuff/irduino.jpeg
:-) cool

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