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Subject: Re: Issue related to repeat-signal using dev/input-driver.
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 03:16:00 +0200
From: Oliver Kleinecke <okleinecke@web.de>
To: Jon Smirl <jonsmirl@gmail.com>
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Jon Smirl wrote:
On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 7:48 PM, Oliver Kleinecke <okleinecke@web.de> wrote:
Hi !

since my last post got no responses , i`ll just try again ..

I am using a USB Nova-T Stick from Hauppauge, and configured lirc to use
the dev/input-driver. The device which is used is the integrated ir-port
in the usb-stick, /dev/input/event7 on my machine.

Are you using the driver I posted? If so, repeat has not been
implemented yet. My driver is still in the experimental stages.

Now almost everything works fine.. except one tiny but very important
thing : if i try to use the rc as a mouse in X using lircmd, it works,
but the pointer movement is extremely (unusable) slow.
After a bit of googling, i suspect the dev/input-driver to be the reason
: there seems to be no "repeat-signal", which makes the lircmd multiply
the pixel-count for the pointer to move, even if i press the button long
and constantly. None of the tried values for the mouse-acceleration
in/etc/lirc/lircmd.conf helped (and i tried MANY!!!).
Since i believe i am not the only guy who uses an ir-receiver inside a
dvb-device (mapped as input-device by the v4l-drivers), there should be
a lot of people with the same problem or there got to be a solution i
don` t know..
Any ideas are very appreciated, thanks, Oliver

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I got to admit i don`t really know .. i installed lirc(0.8.3) via apt on debian lenny (ppc arch.), so i didn` t have to compile the driver myself..
I downloaded and unpacked the lirc-source-package and had a look into the files lirc_dev.c + lirc_dev.h in the dev-drivers dir, they seem to be written by Artur Lipowski.. but i`m not sure i touched the right files..
The input device (/dev/input/event7) is recognized+mapped by the the driver-module "dib0700", part of the dvb-usb section of the v4l-drivers, if i am not mistaken. I had to patch this driver with some new keycodes before compiling it, to get it to work at all..
If repeat should not be implemented yet, is it planned to be in the future?
Thanks for the fast answer, Oliver