Thank you for your help.  I ordered the correct item.  Now I hope I can return the IR Blasters.  Thanks again.


Nick Morrott wrote:
On 24/04/07, Jason Waters <> wrote:
Hey everyone,
    I'm having a problem and I just want to make sure I'm going this
correct.  I have two pvr150 cards and they came with the grayish silver
remotes with 4 colored buttons on the bottom.  I want to use the remotes
on my frontend only systems not with the actually pvr cards.  I was told
that I could buy these to get the job done.

Oh dear... whoever told you that piece of misinformation?

I bought the rs232 IR Blaster.  First, can this setup even work?  If so

No. That link is for an IR *blaster*, which is used for controlling
devices like set top boxes. You would need to use an IR *receiver* if
you want your system to respond to a remote control, as you describe.

what lirc driver do I use?  I've been trying to use the serial driver
but I can't get irw to give me any output.  I picked ttyS0 with 3f8,

Again, you'll never get any response from pointing a remote control at
an IR blaster in irw.

which I did a dmesg to see what the kernel found and that was correct.
I then tried to load it and saw the message about it being busy so I did
the set serial command.  I could then load the lirc-serial driver.  I
started lircd and then ran irw.  If doesn't return the command prompt
right away and it appears to be working.  But I get no output when I put
the remote at the receiver.  Am I doing something wrong?  I'm using
ubuntu 7.04 and I tired using lirc that came with ubuntu using module
assistant and building them from source.  I think I'm just doing
something wrong, I just can't figure it out.  If someone could point me
in the right direction I would be grateful.  Thanks for the help.

You need to buy one of these:

and use the lirc_serial driver with that, coupled with the Hauppauge
lircd.conf file for your remote control. Note that you would use the
lirc_serial module for either device though (serial IR