Thanks for all, I don't know a lot about lirc, my problem is that I don't have any .lircrc files because XBMC Keymap ignore this file, I just use lircd.conf file.

I preferer to solve correctly, but I have only this way.

Thankls for all the help and regards.

2009/9/11 Christoph Bartelmus <>

Josu Lazkano "" wrote:

> Thanks for the reply! I have got it, I just change the gap variable on
> /etc/lirc/lircd.conf to "251982" and it works!!!

As noted before this is just a hack. It will disable key repeats

It's possible to configure this correctly in .lircrc. But I also have
plans to add some proper configuration option in lircd.conf because a
solution is also necessary when using uinput support.


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