hi All:

No one can answer me?  or someone can just try to recur this problem? It seems that gnomemeeting and lirc are both so famous and so populor program and thay should be work togther.

I just want confirm that this is a normal problem or it is a problem just with my hardware and software envirment.

After these days trying, I have no other way but waiting for the response from this email list.

Please. someone help me.

Best regards

2005/10/9, wesley wang <wq1977@gmail.com>:
Hi lirc group:

  I am wesley.wang from ShenZhen.China. Sorry for my poor english.

  I met a strenge problem.

  I am using gentoo.
         kervel version 2.6.11-gentoo-r9.
         lirc   version lirc-0.7.0-r1

  with lirc_serial driver.

  Everything works just find.

  But when I start to use ohphone (version v1_14_4 with pwlib 1.8.7 and openh323 1.15.6) to talk to someone else, my lirc client fail to receive any IR event.

  That means:
     1. First Start irw.
     2. Press Remote Control any button, irw gives response that some key has been pressed.
     3. Do not exit irw. start ohphone.
     4. Press any Remote Control button, irw gives nothing.
     5. shut down the ohphone and press any button, irw works fine and give the correct response again.

  But, if using mode2 or xmode2,everything seem fine, even I am running ohphone, mode2 and xmode2 can receive IR pules and looks like no different.

  I m thinking maybe it is ohphone's problem, so I emerge gnomemeeting with version  1.00, pwlib 1.6.3-r3, openh323 1.13.2-r1, and use gnomemeeting talk to another computer, everything is same, irw work just like before using ohphone.

  Since xmode2 works find, what can be the problem?

  Can anybody help me? what should I do?

Best Regards.