Before I got your message, I had got out the old probescope ,connected a ir phototransistor to it and looked at the signal and realized the mceusb2 is not very accurate. The signal looks like 36khz but the lack of accuracy of the probescope it is hard to tell the difference between 36khz and 38khz. I did find that the signal header is 15 pulses of the carrier and then a space of about 10 pulses and each pair of bits was preceded by 6 pulses of the carrier. I got your message yesterday and and looked at the RCMM-32.conf file and it is exactly what I had found, except for the toggle bit. I used RCMM-32.conf as a template with irrecord. I had set the eps to 18 because of the in accuracy of the mceusb2. I would get a false recording sometimes but I corrected it manually. Below is the configuration that works.
I tested all the buttons except for the ones related to DVR options since the STB I was testing it with did not have the DVR options.
This is configuration is for the Motorola VIP 1200 and VIP 1216 STB provided by AT&T for their U-verse IPTV service
begin remote

  name  vip1200
  bits           32
  eps            18
  aeps          100

  header        417   278
  three         167   778
  two           167   611
  one           167   444
  zero          167   278
  ptrail        167
  gap          99817
  toggle_bit_mask 0x8000

      begin codes
          ZERO                     0x23402600
          ONE                      0x2340A601
          TWO                      0x23402602
          THREE                    0x2340A603
          FOUR                     0x23402604
          FIVE                     0x2340A605
          SIX                      0x2340A606
          SEVEN                    0x2340A607
          EIGHT                    0x23402608
          NINE                     0x2340A609
          LAST                     0x2340260A
          POWER                    0x2340A60C
          INFO                     0x2340260F
          CHPG+                    0x2340A620
          CHPG-                    0x2340A621
          FF                       0x23402628
          REW                      0x2340A629
          PLAY                     0x2340262C
          PAUSE                    0x23402630
          STOP                     0x2340A631
          RECORD                   0x23402637
          A                        0x2340A638
          B                        0x2340A639
          RECORDEDTV               0x23402644
          FWD                      0x2340A64C
          REPLAY                   0x2340264D
          MENU                     0x2340A654
          EXIT                     0x2340A655
          UP                       0x2340A658
          DOWN                     0x23402659
          LEFT                     0x2340A65A
          RIGHT                    0x2340A65B
          OK                       0x2340A65C
          BACK                     0x2340A683
          C                        0x2340A686
          DELETE                   0x2340A69E
          TVVIDEO                  0x234026A8
          GUIDE                    0x234026CC
          ENTER                    0x234026E1
          VIDEOONDEMAND            0x2340A6F0
          gointeractive            0x2340A6FD
      end codes

end remote

On 30 Oct 2007 08:39:00 +0100, Christoph Bartelmus <> wrote:

GregP 203 "" wrote:

> I have also been trying to create a config file for the Motorola VIP 1200
> STB used by AT&T for U-verse service. Looking at the raw code using mode2 it
> with the length 150-200=00, 300-400=01,500-550=10 and 650-700= 11.It also
> looks like it has 32bits.
> I have also see that the numbers in the code will vary about 100
> microseconds from one sample of the same button to anotherer sample(as shown
> belowwith button two).

>From the signals I'm guessing that you use lirc_mceusb2. The hardware
resolution is 50us, which might not be good enough to receive this kind
of signal.

> Is this normal or does this indicate the receiver is set to the wrong
> carrier frequency? How can I change the carrier frequency of the receiver
> for use with the mode2 command?

I don't know any hardware that is able to change the receiver frequency.
The frequency parameter in the config file only applies to the

Have you tried using the generic RCMM-32.conf file from the source


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