Hi Christoph !

2008/7/31 Christoph Bartelmus <lirc@bartelmus.de>

I've just gone through the list of todos I posted some time ago.
Some points are done already but for most of them I have no idea what is
the current status:

on 24 Jun 07 at 15:44, you wrote:
> 1. update the autotools setup --> help required


> 2. fix lirc_gpio to work with latest kernel versions --> help required

Kernel patch to re-enable old interface is available.

> 3. kernel module clean-up --> help required
> 4. GUI for irrecord --> ?Loc and friends?

I've gave the work to other guy (charclo.michael@gmail.com). I posted long time ago a mail about that, but unluckily not in this list (don't know why, strange).
Don't know if my work has been reused.

I can put source on an ftp server if some want to see the source (not finished).


> 5. HAL support --> Arnaud
> 6. namespace standardization completion --> Loc, Arnaud, Christoph

For this point, i've done my work for the moment. I'm currently waiting from Arnaud.

> 7. irrexec applet --> Loc

Same as GUI for irrecord.

> 8. config gui (linked to point 7?) --> ?
> 9. embed pylirc in the source tree or provide some bindings using SWIG
> 10. configless lirc --> ?Arnaud?



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I continue to work on the website Christoph. I will give you some information when i will have something to show you.

Hope you're fine.

Loc Dardant