I'm having the exact same problem with my FTDI based setup.
I am also using the sparkfun FTDI breakout board and I tried it on two computers with two different linux distros (one was mythdora and the other centos).
I set the IO voltage to 5V and I am using a 5V, normally high receiver just like the example circuit.

I don't get anything with the hauppauge remote and irw.  With irrecord I see --

Something went wrong. ./irrecord: Initializing FTDI:
Please try again. (1 retries left)
./irrecord: opened FTDI device '' OK

During the learn process, the number of bits for the hauppauge remote doesn't look correct either:
  bits           18
  eps            30
  aeps          100

  one          1464  1053
  zero         1464  1053
  gap          219756
  toggle_bit_mask 0x0

      begin codes
      end codes

I also compared the mode2 output on the ftdi receiver vs a serial port receiver under winlirc.  The pulse and space numbers seem to be larger with the ftdi receiver.  Here's the output of the ftdi receiver mode 2:

space 2679947
pulse 1796
space 1536
pulse 1796
space 1692
pulse 1796
space 1692
pulse 1770
space 1770
pulse 1718
space 1588
pulse 1666
space 1510
pulse 1848
space 1562
pulse 3411
space 1666
pulse 1406
space 1770

Finally, I looked at the otuput of my receiver with a scope and it looked just as I expected (nice 5V square waveforms)

Did you make any progress on this issue?  Anyone else have any suggestions?


On Fri, Oct 30, 2009 at 11:19 PM, Travis Tabbal wrote:

 It initializes, and mode2 looks OK to me. xmode2 won't run. irrecord seems to work, but it won't learn any codes. It keeps saying "something went wrong". My existing lircd.conf doesn't work either, so something's up. I'm just not sure where to look next. The hardware seems OK with mode2 working, but could there be something off? The hardware is a Sparkfun FTDI breakout board with a 38khz IR receiver module. Just wondering if there are other places to look. The IR receiver output pin is connected to the RX pin on the FTDI chip.


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