Worked GREAT!  Thanks Christoph.  I was able to run "irrecord -a /etc/lircd.conf" and it gave me my hex codes:

      begin codes
          INPUT2_1                 0x55AA5AA5
          INPUT2_2                 0xF50ADE21
          HDMI5_1                  0x55AA5AA5
          HDMI5_2                  0xF50A7E81
          HDMI6_1                  0x55AA5AA5
          HDMI6_2                  0xF50AFE01
      end codes

thanks again for your ongoing help with this.

On Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 12:43 PM, Christoph Bartelmus <> wrote:

Matt Nelson "" wrote:
> I had to create my own raw codes from a mode2 dump, which works great now,
> but I too would like to convert my ugly raw codes to HEX if possible.
> Anyone?

The latest version of irrecord can do it. Try the -a option.
No, it won't handle your Pioneer codes automatically. This has to be done