Question for everyone…


I currently have an IRA3 serial IR receiver, and it has given me nothing but problems (I think it might actually be bad, but I don’t know for certain).  Anyways, I am seriously thinking about getting a different receiver, but the thing is, I really liked the part of the IRA3 that made it so the cpu didn’t always have to monitor the IR, it had it’s own onboard chip (similar to the IRman) that would monitor the IR, and send on the signal only when something was there.


My question for you guys, is what do you recommend?  I am still new to the whole lirc scene, still getting my first system up and running.  I would like to keep it a serial connection as I have the cat5 ran through the walls etc (my box isn’t anywhere near my TV as my entertainment center doesn’t have room for it).  Does anyone have any experience with any IR receivers like this?  Will I have these same problems with the IRman if I were to get one of those?  Does the cpu really get that bogged down by monitoring the IR normally that it would/wouldn’t matter (I’m running MythTV Frontend on a P3-900)?


Any experience you can give would be a great help… thanks!