Tree [e74aef] lirc-0_8_3pre3 / remotes /

File Date Author Commit
adaptec 2005-03-28 lirc lirc [92fa92] use full code for Adaptec AVC-2410 card
adstech 2007-04-23 lirc lirc [933b1e] added support for ADSTech USBX-707 USB IR Blast...
animax 1999-04-29 columbus columbus [f41b88] Initial revision
apple 2007-12-13 lirc lirc [3f1050] MacBookPro 15" SantaRosa (3.1)
asus 2007-07-08 lirc lirc [8c9810] Asus AI Remote
atiusb 2008-03-16 lirc lirc [b7c4f8] Medion MD1 NBC P/N 40008282
avermedia 2002-10-25 lirc lirc [e5f022] added support for AverMedia VDOMATE
bestbuy 2005-10-29 lirc lirc [1255d6] corrected code for 9 button
caraca 2000-08-25 columbus columbus [386d63] added caraca files...
chronos 2000-09-18 columbus columbus [90a8d8] added support for Chronos Video Shuttle II TV ...
cph03x 2001-06-14 lirc lirc [eaf6b9] added support for FlyVideo 98/FM TV card
creative 2008-01-26 lirc lirc [51cc15] Creative RM-1800
dvico 2006-05-06 lirc lirc [ee5916] added real codes for Ultraview remote
ea65 2004-11-20 lirc lirc [cfde85] added support for AOpen XC Cube EA65, EA65-II (...
ericsson 2005-03-25 lirc lirc [c1e18a] fix tty_create_lock call,
generic 2005-11-05 lirc lirc [5b5a25] added RCMM-32 template
hauppauge 2005-10-05 lirc lirc [a4ebd5] config for WinTV Nexus-S
hercules 2004-05-23 lirc lirc [7d0df2] added config file for Hercules SmartTV Stereo T...
imon 2007-03-18 lirc lirc [f0bb17] support for SoundGraph iMON 2.4G DT
iodata 2003-06-07 lirc lirc [7f7bc6] added support for I-O Data GV-BCTV5/PCI TV card...
kanam_accent 2007-02-13 lirc lirc [3e96ca] added support for Kanam Accent (Niccolo Rigacci)
knc_one 2001-04-24 lirc lirc [543c02] added support for KNC ONE TV cards (Ulrich Muel...
kworld 2005-04-01 lirc lirc [a74f19] added configuration for DVB-T card
leadtek 2006-12-19 lirc lirc [b32d17] updated version
life-view 2002-11-09 lirc lirc [ca734c] some more buttons for LR50Q model
logitech 2000-01-18 columbus columbus [b1e248] added config files for Logitech receiver
mceusb 2007-11-01 lirc lirc [eafd11] updated for HP MCE 2007 remote
packard_bell 2001-04-24 lirc lirc [484e82] added support for Silitek SM-1000 receiver,
pcmak 2004-07-24 lirc lirc [868c50] added support for ELMAK PCMAK (Pawel Nowak)
pinnacle_systems 2007-10-06 lirc lirc [b300e9] Chan+Stop -> Chan-Stop
pixelview 2005-12-10 lirc lirc [a930be] PixelView PlayTV MPEG2
provideo 2001-01-20 columbus columbus [babd85] added config file for PV951
remotec 2005-05-28 lirc lirc [8c541d] added support for Remotec Multimedia PC Remote ...
samsung 2008-03-02 lirc lirc [7708da] added support for Samsung USB IR Receiver
sasem 2005-07-15 tjdavies tjdavies [a2746b] Use all 8 bytes of IR code
sigma_designs 2006-04-29 lirc lirc [29d4c8] added real signals
silitek 2001-12-15 ranty ranty [e61f9c] Implemented IntelliMouse protocol in lircmd whi...
streamzap 2005-02-12 lirc lirc [5b6889] added support for Streamzap PC remote
technisat 2001-02-04 columbus columbus [749a96] cosmetic change to reduce confusion
tekram 2002-03-28 lirc lirc [0bc84c] added support for Tekram M230 Mach64 (Froenchen...
vlsystem 2007-12-22 lirc lirc [fad052] added support for VLSystem MPlay Blast (Benoit ...
x10 2007-07-01 lirc lirc [2e30e4] UR51A
README 2000-01-24 columbus columbus [11a628] pointer to remotes

Read Me

The primary source of config files is the LIRC homepage. This
directory only contains the most common remotes like e.g. those
bundled with TV cards that can be installed automatically.