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[e9102d] (lirc-0.8.7lirc-0_8_7) by Jarod Wilson Jarod Wilson

lirc 0.8.7 release

Signed-off-by: Jarod Wilson <>

2010-09-06 17:28:51 Tree
[12fca6] by Jarod Wilson Jarod Wilson

mceusb: another new spinel plus/asus device ID

Signed-off-by: Jarod Wilson <>

2010-09-01 23:32:55 Tree
[35e494] by Matthew Bodkin Matthew Bodkin , pushed by Jarod Wilson Jarod Wilson

commandir: fix cast to prevent segfault in set_transmitters

Signed-off-by: Jarod Wilson <>

2010-08-31 21:19:31 Tree
[010fb4] by Jarod Wilson Jarod Wilson

mceusb: add an ASUS device ID

Reported in lirc tracker

Signed-off-by: Jarod Wilson <>

2010-08-27 21:22:12 Tree
[cdc58f] (lirc-0.8.7-pre3) by Jarod Wilson Jarod Wilson

Update NEWS w/recent new bits

Signed-off-by: Jarod Wilson <>

2010-08-27 05:04:46 Tree
[22a876] by John Wehle John Wehle , pushed by Jarod Wilson Jarod Wilson

support usb-uirt on FreeBSD

The enclosed lightly tested patch allows lirc to build on FreeBSD 8.1
and talk to an usb-uirt. Note that the FreeBSD uftdi driver module
needs to be patch in order to recognize the usb-uirt. The necessary
changes are logged with the FreeBSD bugs database as usb/149900.


1) Include <netinet/in.h> when compiling irsend.c.

2) Include <sys/ioctl.h> when compiling lircd.c. For simplicity you
may want to included it on all platforms rather than using the
current conditional include.

3) Mark uinputfd stuff in lircmd.c as specific to linux. I used the
same approach as had already been done for the uinputfd stuff in

4) Normalize tv in hw_uirt2_common.c mywaitfordata to avoid an
EINVAL when calling select. I used the same approach as had
already been done elsewhere in the code.

5) Also set the character size and hardware handshaking when setting
up the serial port for the usb-uirt.

Signed-off-by: Jarod Wilson <>

2010-08-27 05:03:43 Tree
[465c73] by John Wehle John Wehle , pushed by Jarod Wilson Jarod Wilson

daemon: quiet spurious serial invalid lock complaints

The enclosed lightly tested patch quiets some spurious serial invalid
lock complaints which occur on FreeBSD 8.1.


1) Skip "." and ".." when looking for locks.

2) Requiring the pid in the lock file to be newline terminated is
overly strict ... treat it as valid if it's the only thing in
the file or if it's newline terminated.

Signed-off-by: Jarod Wilson <>

2010-08-27 04:39:45 Tree
[671071] by Jarod Wilson Jarod Wilson

lirc_parallel: remove non-smp requirement

It *probably* works okay enough on an smp kernel. Certainly compiles, so
we can go about fixing it up from there.

Signed-off-by: Jarod Wilson <>

2010-08-27 04:38:29 Tree
[dacf42] by innovationone innovationone

- CommandIR driver signal queuing rewritten into linked lists
- Support for CommandIR III added
- Much cleanup and formatting

2010-08-25 23:21:08 Tree
[1c14a1] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

fixup 2.6.35+ compat (pointed out by Sander Knopper)

2010-08-17 21:03:23 Tree
[121380] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

use unlocked_ioctl on 2.6.35+

2010-08-16 20:20:45 Tree
[7958a7] by lirc lirc

change needed for some keys on kernel >=2.6.34

2010-08-08 11:54:02 Tree
[32834f] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

oops, usb_foo_coherent bits showed up in 2.6.34, not 35

2010-07-27 05:43:21 Tree
[962884] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

move usb buffer compat bits to kcompat.h

2010-07-25 16:43:32 Tree
[74952e] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

drivers: usb_buffer_foo to usb_foo_coherent for 2.6.35+

2010-07-24 14:35:58 Tree
[9ef69f] by lirc lirc

active high usually means no receiver attached

2010-07-14 19:01:36 Tree
[d0642c] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

Put -CVS back following my pre2 cvs branch fail

2010-07-12 03:25:55 Tree
[3b4c64] (lirc-0_8_7pre2) by jarodwilson jarodwilson

update version numbers for 0.8.7pre2 snapshot release

2010-07-11 03:54:50 Tree
[46cbaa] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

config_file: make addSignal use unsigned int instead of lirc_t. Negative values are already disallowed by s_strtolirc_t anyway, this just extends the range of possible values here, and has been tested successfully to fix an issue with lirc_zilog reported on the mythtv-users mailing list ("2147549184": must be a valid (lirc_t) number)

2010-07-11 03:28:21 Tree
[19b2fc] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

lirc_imon: add mandatory delay before leaving send_packet to throttle writes to displays, fixes numerous display issues

2010-07-11 02:59:43 Tree
[e756e8] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

lirc_mceusb: resync a bit with upstreamed mceusb driver

2010-07-11 02:56:52 Tree
[e7d39b] by lirc lirc

fixed linker error when compiling in maintainer mode with all drivers enabled

2010-07-09 17:07:51 Tree
[e4d93f] by lirc lirc

use LIRC_SETUP_START/LIRC_SETUP_END only if there actually is something to set up

2010-07-09 16:54:48 Tree
[f9c804] by lirc lirc

another Medion P/N 20014752 variation

2010-05-30 12:33:22 Tree
[0d2ad3] by lirc lirc

buffer size too small for 128 bit protocol

2010-05-30 11:43:35 Tree
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