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lircd.conf.asus    57 lines (51 with data), 1.4 kB

# contributed by Tibor Sipos <tibors@moravia-it.com> and 
#                Stefan Jahn <stefan@lkcc.org>
# brand:	     Asus
# model:	     Asus TV-Box Remote Control

begin remote

  name		Asus_TV-Box_IR

  bits		8
  eps		30
  aeps		100
  one           0     0
  zero          0     0
  gap           1399999
  toggle_bit	0

	begin codes
	  KEY_0			0x0000000000000000
	  KEY_1			0x0000000000000008
	  KEY_2			0x0000000000000010
	  KEY_3			0x0000000000000018
	  KEY_4			0x0000000000000020
	  KEY_5			0x0000000000000028
	  KEY_6			0x0000000000000030
	  KEY_7			0x0000000000000038
	  KEY_8			0x0000000000000040
	  KEY_9			0x0000000000000048
	  KEY_PREVIOUS			0x0000000000000050
	  KEY_ENTER			0x0000000000000058
	  KEY_CHANNELUP			0x0000000000000060
	  KEY_CHANNELDOWN			0x0000000000000068
	  KEY_VOLUMEUP			0x0000000000000070
	  KEY_VOLUMEDOWN			0x0000000000000078
	  KEY_MAX		0x0000000000000080
	  KEY_MUTE			0x0000000000000088
	  KEY_POWER			0x0000000000000090
	  KEY_MENU			0x0000000000000098
	  KEY_UP			0x00000000000000A0
	  KEY_DOWN			0x00000000000000A8
	  KEY_LEFT			0x00000000000000B0
	  KEY_RIGHT			0x00000000000000B8
	  CAPTION		0x00000000000000C0
	  MTS/SAP		0x00000000000000C8
	  DISPLAY		0x00000000000000D0
	  SCAN			0x00000000000000D8
	  KEY_RED			0x00000000000000E0
	  KEY_GREEN			0x00000000000000E8
	  KEY_YELLOW		0x00000000000000F0
	  KEY_BLUE			0x00000000000000F8
        end codes

end remote