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[13e047] by lirc lirc

renamed I/O base address parameter to io

2002-01-06 13:33:29 Tree
[768744] by lirc lirc

added support for ITE IT8712/IT8705 CIR port (Hans-Günter Lütke Uphues)

2001-12-12 22:40:43 Tree
[9e6e50] by ranty ranty

Added the GPL license paragraph to source files, MODULE_LICENSE
declarations and a couple of MODULE_AUTHOR and MODULE_DESCRIPTION

2001-12-12 20:26:01 Tree
[814a0b] by lirc lirc

implemented functions to set receiver frequency range

2001-12-08 15:07:03 Tree
[b485e6] by lirc lirc

implemented sane read function

2001-12-08 11:12:14 Tree
[9498ab] by lirc lirc

del_timer_sync() not available in 2.2.x

2001-12-02 15:31:02 Tree
[af0c8f] by lirc lirc

fixed potential kernel crash due to timer still being active at module removal

2001-12-02 11:51:02 Tree
[6ae154] by ranty ranty

automake 1.5 seams to change some variables which broke module compilation.

2001-11-20 15:26:03 Tree
[777530] by lirc lirc

added support for Prolink PV-BT878P+9B card (Arkadiusz Miskiewicz)

2001-11-14 21:46:35 Tree
[229d59] by lirc lirc

accept CR-LF in config file

2001-11-03 20:44:15 Tree
[773ace] by lirc lirc

removed nearly all compile time configuration from module,
the used hardware can now be chosen with a variable

2001-10-21 13:02:27 Tree
[dec692] by lirc lirc

fixed potential problem with udelay() on fast machines

2001-10-14 11:59:56 Tree
[c3a440] by lirc lirc

an unresolved symbol appeared in a special configuration, fixed

2001-09-28 07:01:30 Tree
[ae1156] by lirc lirc

loops_per_jiffy is also used since 2.2.18

2001-09-18 09:03:36 Tree
[cd17a7] by lirc lirc

IRdeo Remote does support receiving

2001-09-17 10:39:06 Tree
[109df4] by lirc lirc

added support for IRdeo Remote

2001-09-14 20:39:14 Tree
[2c3496] by lirc lirc

AVerMedia TV cards with ID 0x00011461 and 0x00041461 should finally work with the provided config files

2001-08-26 12:27:47 Tree
[37d949] by lirc lirc

fixed compile error in debug code

2001-08-08 13:26:42 Tree
[3bc6c1] by lirc lirc

rdtsc in 2.2.x

2001-08-04 18:24:27 Tree
[6ba08b] by lirc lirc

use rdtsc if available (Steve Davies)

2001-08-04 17:55:43 Tree
[a25319] by lirc lirc

changes to improve transmissoin quality (Steve Davies)

2001-07-28 07:39:58 Tree
[c2aa25] by lirc lirc

made ISR more fail safe, some clean-ups

2001-07-24 07:38:39 Tree
[590625] by lirc lirc

small gaps between bytes were generated...

2001-07-18 10:16:39 Tree
[6ab627] by lirc lirc

fixed bug in Irdeo transmit code

2001-07-11 19:27:51 Tree
[6bc121] by lirc lirc

added support for FlyVideo II TV card

2001-06-24 10:25:06 Tree
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