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Git Log

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[9a3531] (lirc-0_8_5pre3) by lirc lirc

lirc-0.8.5pre3 snapshot release

2009-05-12 18:14:52 Tree
[50260c] by lirc lirc

reset repeat_flag

2009-05-07 18:19:37 Tree
[7d62e7] by lirc lirc

fixed bug in peer message forwarding

2009-04-28 16:25:50 Tree
[237458] by lirc lirc

don't reset toggle_bit_mask of template

2009-04-28 16:24:36 Tree
[c1a24c] by lirc lirc

if there is a sequence match, treat current code as found

2009-04-26 11:06:00 Tree
[6608fb] by lirc lirc

undo last change: increase repeat counter even after failed decoding; this won't work correctly

2009-04-26 11:02:30 Tree
[c1116d] by lirc lirc

handle toggle_bit_mask correctly when more than one bit is set

2009-04-26 10:44:44 Tree
[185bb4] by lirc lirc

handle pre for RCMM protocol

2009-04-26 09:20:21 Tree
[6ab6ec] by lirc lirc

dump also first signal candidate

2009-04-26 09:13:54 Tree
[4512ad] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

lirc_mceusb2: add Northstar transceiver device ID

2009-04-15 14:20:26 Tree
[1001c8] by lirc lirc

handle error in clear_rec_buffer correctly

2009-04-13 13:06:15 Tree
[e29083] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

lirc_imon: implement pad2keys for older receivers

Makes behavior of both older (id 0xffdc vfd) and newer imon
receivers the same with respect to converting the pad into
keypresses in a sane way for use with vdr, mythtv, etc.

From http://www.brakemeier.de/electronics/vdr/lirc-imon.html,
pulled in at Michael's request.

2009-04-10 20:51:29 Tree
[474726] by lirc lirc

fix bug ID: 2748841

2009-04-10 16:34:56 Tree
[0fb410] by lirc lirc

don't ignore dups

2009-04-10 16:03:08 Tree
[cb86c0] by lirc lirc

don't add bogus gap value

2009-04-10 16:02:35 Tree
[e8ee2d] by lirc lirc

don't ignore dups

2009-04-10 16:00:41 Tree
[88c789] by lirc lirc

added supported remote to overview table

2009-04-10 07:38:55 Tree
[69fd5b] by lirc lirc

increase repeat counter even after failed decoding

2009-04-10 07:37:30 Tree
[c4b0f8] by lirc lirc

moved setup-functions to separate file

2009-04-10 07:35:54 Tree
[ffb1f9] by lirc lirc

point to generic devinput config file

2009-04-06 16:16:08 Tree
[d28a00] by lirc lirc

point to devinput driver

2009-04-06 16:08:54 Tree
[233904] by lirc lirc

wakeup polling thread only when necessary

2009-03-29 10:55:31 Tree
[34cb1c] by lirc lirc

kthread_stop wakes up thread

2009-03-29 08:52:17 Tree
[b4b04d] by lirc lirc

cleaned up error handling

2009-03-28 18:52:49 Tree
[295c15] by lirc lirc

allocate internal structs dynamically

2009-03-28 18:42:30 Tree
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