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Git Log

Commit Date  
[0c9a60] (lirc-0_6_6) by lirc lirc

lirc-0.6.6 release

2002-10-06 09:21:08 Tree
[334f18] by lirc lirc

cosmetic change

2002-10-02 18:35:32 Tree
[79354b] by lirc lirc

malloc.h is obsolete

2002-09-26 12:09:20 Tree
[5dd3bc] (lirc-0_6_6pre2) by lirc lirc

forgot links to rc page

2002-09-21 16:21:35 Tree
[2b1795] by lirc lirc


2002-09-21 15:25:28 Tree
[4de020] by lirc lirc

moved rc tool from xrc package to LIRC package

2002-09-12 19:53:55 Tree
[d17f89] by ranty ranty

more things to do.

2002-09-02 18:50:51 Tree
[f3156a] by ranty ranty

enable should be initialized.

2002-08-31 09:10:52 Tree
[59a3b7] by lirc lirc

bugfix for Winfast TV 2000 cards (untested)

2002-08-30 11:57:28 Tree
[1d0618] by lirc lirc

former version did not notice when server went down after successful connect in client mode

2002-08-30 07:28:54 Tree
[7ae0da] by ranty ranty

Do proper quoting on the vgalib detection for autoconf 2.5x compatibility.

2002-08-25 17:24:00 Tree
[2fc754] by lirc lirc

added ircat tool (patch by Bjorn Bringert),
minor fixes

2002-08-17 11:17:41 Tree
[59e852] by lirc lirc

SEND_ONCE accepts optional repeat count (done by Scott Baily)

2002-07-28 08:53:27 Tree
[5b1cd4] by lirc lirc

added SIR support for Actisys Act200L dongle (Karl Bongers)

2002-07-27 09:17:08 Tree
[d71042] by lirc lirc

add check for PIPE on fh,
don't do ioctl if pipe

2002-07-27 09:03:21 Tree
[f6c682] by ranty ranty

Add patch to have a 'null' driver by Andy Mortimer and massage things to
remove the LIRC_NETWORK_ONLY special case.

2002-07-13 09:30:17 Tree
[56e77b] (lirc-0_6_6pre1) by lirc lirc

cosmetic fix for recursive call of configure script

2002-07-07 10:13:45 Tree
[ecf681] by lirc lirc

learn toggle_mask, untested

2002-07-04 15:59:40 Tree
[1c36b9] by lirc lirc

int32_t would create incompatibilities on 64 bit architectures

2002-07-01 20:35:21 Tree
[0d15ff] by lirc lirc

begin and end now accepted as button names

2002-07-01 18:54:01 Tree
[8f0a26] by lirc lirc

should compile again with current 2.4.x kernels

2002-06-28 07:47:53 Tree
[9cb1b5] by lirc lirc

added UDP network driver

2002-06-24 18:43:37 Tree
[eaaba1] by lirc lirc

minor cleanups

2002-06-24 18:35:20 Tree
[2a9a12] by lirc lirc

set O_NONBLOCK flag to client file descriptors to avoid blocking of lircd when client becomes unreachable

2002-06-16 18:18:57 Tree
[61f717] by ranty ranty

Allow sending events to an specific 'WindowID'.

2002-06-16 14:19:04 Tree
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