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Read Me

libwacom is a library to identify wacom tablets and their model-specific
features. It provides easy access to information such as "is this a built-in
on-screen tablet", "what is the size of this model", etc.

== Debugging libwacom with uinput devices ==
libwacom by default will not recognise uinput devices. To debug and test, a
physical device must be connected.

Custom udev rules are provided to help debug uinput device. Run
    generate-udev-rules --with-uinput-rules
to generate these rules and apply them locally. Devices will then be tagged
as required and can be debugged.

Some limitations:
* For these rules to work, the device must be listed in the database.
* libwacom will check UINPUT_* properties on the uinput device, if they do
  not get applied, the device will not be visible

DO NOT USE THESE UINPUT RULES unless you are debugging with uinput devices.
Remove the rules once debugging is done.