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File Date Author Commit
2.6.30 2015-02-12 Ping Cheng Ping Cheng [070941] Backport: Add support for Cintiq 27QHD and 27QH...
2.6.36 2015-02-09 Ping Cheng Ping Cheng [1dd75a] Backport: report In Range event according to th...
2.6.38 2015-03-11 Jiri Kosina Jiri Kosina [6aef66] backport: HID: wacom: drop WACOM_PKGLEN_STATUS
3.17 2015-03-05 Benjamin Tissoires Benjamin Tissoires [862171] HID: wacom: ask for a in-prox report when it wa...
3.7 2015-03-11 Jason Gerecke Jason Gerecke [a82621] backport: HID: wacom: Add battery presence indi...
inputattach 2011-07-15 Ping Cheng Ping Cheng [8392bc] inputattach: Use --baud option for touch devices
.gitignore 2011-11-26 Chris Bagwell Chris Bagwell [2fb008] add .gitignore for autofoo generated files
AUTHORS 2010-12-02 pingc pingc [b62fb3] Initial revision
COPYING 2010-12-02 pingc pingc [b62fb3] Initial revision
ChangeLog 2011-07-13 Aristeu Rozanski Aristeu Rozanski [dea8e4] Updated with changes at linuxconsole
Makefile.am 2014-11-04 Jason Gerecke Jason Gerecke [066f62] Add 3.17 kernel to package list
NEWS 2010-12-02 pingc pingc [b62fb3] Initial revision
README 2010-12-17 pingc pingc [dd763c] backport wacom-w8001.c from kernel 2.6.38
autogen.sh 2010-12-02 pingc pingc [b62fb3] Initial revision
configure.ac 2015-01-08 Jason Gerecke Jason Gerecke [69dda0] configure: Do not run 'make' by default
release.sh 2012-01-04 Ping Cheng Ping Cheng [17cab6] Merge branch 'master' of ssh://linuxwacom.git.s...

Read Me

This kernel driver package is to support Wacom devices on kernels 2.6.26 and later.
For serial ISDV4 devices, an utility, inputattach, is needed to map the driver to a
logical port for user land to access. Please refer to the README under inputattach
for details.

The paired X server Wacom driver is xf86-input-wacom, which should be running on X
servers 1.7 and later. If you are not running the latest xf86-input-wacom, please 
download it from linuxwacom.sf.net.

2010 Ping Cheng, Wacom, <pingc@wacom.com>