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#27 Support for usb tabletpc

Ping Cheng
J. I. Burgos Gil

New models of tabletpc use the usb bus to conect the
wacom tablet. An example of such model is the asus
R1F model.

The current wacom driver (Nov. 2006) does not support
this models of tabletpc.

Please could you add support for usb tabletpc to the
wacom driver.

J. I. Burgos


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    I also got the Asus R1F, it seems to be a very common tablet when I asked on a Norwegian linux site. Pleeeease hack something together. I would happily donate money to get this feature working, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

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    I also have the ASUS R1F. Ubuntu 6.10 is installed and am interested in this support. If you need someone to test updates, let me know. Thanks.

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    I own the same laptop as well. I'm ready to help for testing purposes.

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    Same to the Fujitsu Siemens Stylistic ST5022. It uses a USB Wacom Graphire and Wacom Intuos tablet driver but there is no device where any events show up at.
    (Ubuntu 7.04)

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    Any news on this one Ping?

    I find I'm using Windows Vista on my Asus R1F more often than Linux these days because of the lack of tablet support in Linux. We need to fix this before too many of us turn to the "Dark Side" ;)

    If you're swamped with other projects, I might be prepared to cram up on the necessary code and have a go at this.

    -- Pat Sunter.

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    Ditto for testing offer. I'd love to get rid of windows on this tablet (Asus R1F)

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    I would also request this feature as I definitely need the tablet for university and am not willing to give windows a try but there's the very need for a linux driver then. Hope you'll be on it. thx

  • Walter

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    I bought my Asus R1F to use in lecture presentations-- a high-tech "chalk and talk" system with the added benefits of accessing applets, other software, the Internet, etc, etc (students love the experience almost as much as I do!).

    After becoming totally disillusioned with Vista, I switched to Ubuntu 7.10 and was delighted at the amazing computing experience it provided "out of the box"-- sadly, except for using the stylus!!

    It seems there are a lot of us out there in Tablet World saddled with this otherwise excellent notebook (and similar usb-bus tablets) frustrated at not being able to use them for the purpose intended. Asus are no help--- they suggested I switch to Vista "for a better computing experience"...

    I fully endorse the pleas of others on this site, and possibly hundreds more silently tracking it in the hope of seeing an outcome soon: please can the linux development gurus take up the challenge to resolve this issue in the near future?

  • Kevin Shepherd
    Kevin Shepherd

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    I am a 'C' programmer with kernel driver experience who is happy to fix the wacom tablet driver.
    However I need some documentation from Wacom. I sent the following request to them on 27 December 2007:
    "Please help with technical documentation.
    I am attempting to get your ISD-V4 / USB chip, embedded in the Asus R1F and R1E Tablet PCs, to work with Linux - using the "Linux Wacom" driver. There are several mysteries, such as the appearance of the ID 0x92 USB device and the disappearance of the 0x90 HID when connecting to the USB ID which would be cleared up if you could provide documentation for the interface.
    Thank you for your help."
    Using this link:
    They have not yet replied. This is not unreasonable as the technical documentation in question may well be only in Japanese, which I do not read.
    If anyone knows of English language docs related to this, please post them to this Sourceforge tracker.
    Here is a summary of the situation, as far as I understand it. Please correct me if you know better as I have only just looked at the wacom code:
    Asus have used a USB / ISD-V4 protocol chip from Wacom to implement the pressure sensitive touch screen of their new R1F and now R1E tablet PCs.
    The linux - wacom project has three independent drivers, one for serial, one for ISD-V4 over serial, and one for USB. Unfortunately none for ISD-V4 over USB.
    A little USB background: USB has a number of generic drivers written for HID ( Human Interface Device ) types - one for a standard keyboard, another for a mouse and another for joysticks. These are flexible and support varients such as differing degrees of freedom for joysticks and differing numbers of buttons for mice. This means that a manufacturer such as Logitech can produce new mice and keyboards that will instantly run with our operating systems without new drivers, and yet can later provide specific device drivers if this will enable additional functionality.
    Unfortunately Wacom have not followed this model, for whatever reason, which means that with every new tablet, chip or device that they produce, yet more exception code needs to be written into the drivers. When they decide to adopt a standard HID ( they can write their own, for all tablets - it need not be a shared standard ) then we can all start using their new products with our existing computer setups. Until that time, though, we will have to write new code for every device.
    That is why we need the technical documentation that I request above.

    Here are the locations of the key code affected ( kernel v2.6.22 ):

    The USB code that ignores all wacom devices:
    /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.22/drivers/hid/usbhid/hid-quirks.c line 673
    /* Ignore all Wacom devices */
    if (idVendor == USB_VENDOR_ID_WACOM)
    return HID_QUIRK_IGNORE;
    I tried commenting this out in the hopes of getting at least standard mouse behaviour from the tablet. It did not work.

    The wacom specific code for USB Wacom Graphire and Wacom Intuos tablet support:
    this includes wacom_wac.c which has the list of USB driver IDs to which one can add
    USB_DEVICE(USB_VENDOR_ID_WACOM, 0x90) and have the USB id "jump" to 0x92 as described elsewhere.
    I can confirm that I had the same experience with 0x90 -> 0x92 as described by both Moze and Ralph
    in the links below.

    Here are the sources of the little information that I have been able to find elsewhere:

    If anyone knows any more than the above, please post your info below.

    Without further information from Wacom, I fail to see how we might proceed.

    Thank you in advance for any help or further insight.
    - Kevin

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