Aiptek 600U SlimTablet

  • raven24

    Since the wacom driver seems to be the only one that makes this device work, it seems like a good idea to post my issue here:

    When I hover with the pen over the tablet I can steer the cursor as expected, I can also "click" and drag around, like drawing with a real pen. But then when I lift the pen and like to hover again, the cursor doesn't move.
    I can put it down on the tablet again, which registers like a normal click or drawing-stroke.

    The only way to get it back to work is moving out of the tablet's range with the pen and then back again.
    You can imagine, that's really annoying!

    (Also, the buttons on the pen are not working as expected, but I can live with that for now.)

    I am guessing the "release" of the "button" is not interpreted correctly, but since I have not looked at neither the X sources nor the driver's ones, there is a small margin for errors in my chain of thought.

    (k)ubuntu 10.04
    Linux 2.6.32-22-generic
    xserver-xorg 1.7.6

    Bus 006 Device 002: ID 172f:0034 Waltop International Corp.

    udev rule:
    BUS=="usb", KERNEL=="event*", SYSFS{idVendor}=="172f", SYMLINK+="input/aiptek", OWNER="root, MODE="0666"

    Section "InputDevice"
            Identifier "aiptek"
            Driver "wacom"
            Option "Device" "/dev/input/aiptek"
            Option "Type" "stylus"
            Option "USB" "on"

    Section "ServerLayout"
            Identifier     "amdcccle Layout"
            Screen      0  "amdcccle-Screen-0" 0 0
            InputDevice "aiptek" "SendCoreEvents"