no tilt with intuos4 8x13 on ubuntu 10.10

  • Hello,

    Tablet works partly, ie pressure, but not tilt.

    I had first build and installed linuxwacom 0.8.8-11 and xf86-wacom, but with no success. Then I installed xserver-input-wacom from irie's ppa, but with no more success.

    xorg.log shows "wacom class" is applied (as in xorg.conf snippet) and tilt=enabled.
    /dev/input/ has wacom, event* and tablet-intuos4-8x13, thanks to udev I think.

    Xorg is 1.9 I think.

    I'm using xidump and mypaint to check stylus tilt.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • kernel driver seems to be working, as reports evtest (

  • I've upgraded ubuntu to 11.04, so xf86-wacom driver is now irie's version 0.11.0+git20110419-0irie1~natty1 and kernel driver is (I supposed) build by irie's wacom-dkms 0.10.11-0irie1.