Inkling -- Is it possible to use with linux?

  • M-C


    I hope that there is someone that can tell me about the new Inkling product Wacom is producing.  I like the concept and think it will be very helpful, but I need to know if it will work with linux and what the limitations are (if any).

    Some unkowns for me:
    a.  How does the receiver connect to the computer?
    b.  When it connects, is it mounted as a "drive" with files visible in it in a open format?
    c.  Is a 'wacom' specific software reqired to export notes to other formats?
    d.  Can it be attached via USB to computer and used to receive input directly to computer, such as a tablet (live mode)?

    Thanks much to all who can provide more on this.

  • I suspect from my cursory study of the linuxwacom source (I built a system status display for my Intuos4 OLED displays), the Inkling (a specialized (probably read-only) storage device from the perspective of the kernel) is not similar enough to the tablets to be supported by any part of the existing source (which are X input drivers).  That said, I have no idea how the storage interface works, so perhaps we'll be able to query it via standard storage drivers.

  • Herbert

    the Wacom Inkling is a USB File system.
    So if you connect the device to your USB interface you see your
    inputs as .WPI files.
    I have a nonofficial description and a C++ class to read the WPI Files.
    I think there is no special driver needes, but I did not test this until now.
    You can use the description and write your own reader, or you can use my C++ routines
    With this, every graphic programm can read the Wacom Inkling inputs.
    For the description and the C++ routines look here: