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Read Me

April 23, 2009

Most end users would probably only need to update the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file 
and sometime probably the Wacom X driver as well to use the rich features that 
Wacom tablets offer.  The steps could be as simple as:

    $ su
    # cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak
    # gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf

then follow the step listed at
or "man wacom" if you don't have network access to add sections for Wacom device.

If by some reason your distribution doesn't have include Wacom driver or you want to 
to use the newer release, you can download the package then

    $ bunzip2 linuxwacom.tar.bz2
    $ tar xvf linuxwacom.tar
    $ cd linuxwacom/prebuilt
    $ su
    # yum remove linuxwacom
    # ./uninstall
    # ./install
    # reboot


However, if you have a USB tablet which is newer than your running kernel, i.e., 
the tablet is not supported by your running kernel, or you are a developer who is 
willing to build the driver from the source, there are extra work waiting for you.



As you would expect, run configure and make.  Configure options are explained below.

    $ ./configure && make



This file contains hints for building the sources.  There are a number of build
 targets, some of which are not built automatically.  Here is the

      wacom.o: not built by default (--enable-wacom, --disable-wacom)
      wacdump: built by default (--enable-wacdump, --disable-wacdump)
       xidump: built by default (--enable-xidump, --disable-xidump)
    xsetwacom: built by default (--enable-xsetwacom, --disable-xsetwacom)
        hid.o: not built by default (--enable-hid, --disable-hid;  Only kernels 2.6.18 or older need it.)
  wacom_drv.o: built by default (--enable-wacomdrv, --disable-wacomdrv)

There are many options, and configure will attempt to guess the correct
values for most of them.  By default, only wacomcpl, xsetwacom,  wacom_drv.o, 
xidump, and wacdump program are built.

Please surf the HOWTO page at 
(or the miniHOWTO at if 
you run a Fedora system) to find the proper options if the default building 
environment doesn't work for you.