#234 Using pad buttons and Roccat mouse simultaneously causes X.org crash

Camille Bissuel


I'm an happy user of the linuxwacom driver since years, I have to thank you for that first !

Recently, I set up my Cintiq 21UX tablet (old model) with the new Gnome 3.10 expresskey interface, and I'm not sure if it's linked, but now each time I use the left pad (not the strip), it causes an X.org crash (my session crash and I'm back to GDM login).

For some button (bottom one) a single "click" is enough, for some other (top ones) a "long click" cause the crash.
Using the right pad or the touch stripes, everything works just fine.

My distribution is Manjaro 8.8 stable with a 3.10 kernel, with latest xorg server (1.14.5-1), latest open ati driver (xf86-video-ati 1:7.2.0-1) and latest wacom driver (libwacom 0.8-1 and xf86-input-wacom 0.23.0-1).
I'm not sure wich log files I should join to this bug report, so here is my Xorg log... Don't hesitate to ask me more.

And because it's a special day today, I wish you a merry christmas !

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  • Jason Gerecke
    Jason Gerecke

    Happy New Year!

    Unfortunately, I haven't had any luck in reproducing this bug back in
    the office with my Arch Linux box. Everything has been updated, with
    the only difference in listed software versions being Linux 3.12-6.1
    and GNOME 3.10.1. Mapping those four buttons on my 21UX to the
    keystrokes 'A' through 'D' doesn't seem to cause my session any

    What do you have each button mapped to? Does it occur if you set the
    buttons to 'None' as their action? Could you create a new user and
    login with that account to see if the problems occur there as well?

    You may see if there are any interesting logs under /var/log/gdm, or
    use the command sudo journalctl -b to scan through some more system

    • Happy New Year ;)

      I'm not at home until Monday... So I can't answer right now, but I have to thanks you a lot for your work !
      I send you every detail I can find asap.

  • Hi Jason,

    I'm back ;)
    I tried several mapping with 2 users sessions (one brand new for the occasion) this morning, and I'm sorry to say crash occur in every case (whatever the action), including with 'None' set on every touch strips and pads on both sessions.

    Here are 2 logs from /var/log/gdm, and line 153 from journalctl.txt may be revealing.

    Another thing, maybe interesting : when I install (again) the 'gdm' package with pacman, I got a warning saying file system permissions are set to 700 and package look for 755.

    I hope you will be able to find something with those files.
    Have a nice day !

  • Hi,

    Sad news : the bug persist with recent updates of Manjaro...
    It's really annoying for me, because they are the buttons I usually use the most on my tablet...

    I've submitted the bug to X.org, no reaction so far : https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=73938

    a good news nevertheless : you can easily reproduce the bug using latest manjaro testbuild (live cd)

    (tested on my computer, 64bits, ATI Radeon HD 4870 card)

    Should I report the bug to the Manjaro project ?

    Thanks for your work

    • Jason Gerecke
      Jason Gerecke

      I'm having trouble getting the live CD to work for me. VirtualBox gets
      stuck at a black screen, and none of my systems when booting from USB
      get me to the GNOME desktop (they either freeze during boot or show
      GNOME's "Oops! Something has gone wrong!" message). I'll try booting
      from DVD since my USB stick does occasionally cause some live CDs

  • Hi Jason,

    I didn't had troubles with this build, but I encountered similar issues in the past (black screen) with Manjaro Live CDs, and the usual solution is to boot in "text mode" instead of "video".

    Hope this helps...
    Thanks for your patience and perseverance anyway !

    • Jason Gerecke
      Jason Gerecke

      Thanks for the hint :) I wound up copying the ISO to a different USB
      stick and now it boots fine. I haven't been able to trigger a crash
      yet over here. What actions you have each button and strip mapped to?
      Perhaps there is some action that causes GNOME heartburn?

      Have you tried any other live CDs, especially ones without GNOME (e.g.
      the KDE spin of Manjaro or Xubuntu for something completely diferent)?
      It would be a good way to narrow down if its some kind of weird
      hardware issue or specific to a particular distribution or desktop

      Do you have any other tablets that you could plug in and check if they
      also trigger a crash?

  • Hi Jason,

    I'm sorry for myself you can't reproduce it ! ;p
    I'm downloading several ISO to test right now... But I'm surrounded by snow, so I probably won't be able to test it today ;)

    At the moment the buttons are mapped to "None", but the crash happen with every keystroke or modifier I have tested so far (quite a lot).

    I received answers from Xorg (https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=73938), but I must admit I struggle to give them useful answers.

  • And I do have a very old tablet (A6 Pen partner, without USB), but it doesn't have any pad...
    I'll try it anyway.

  • Hi,

    I spend the morning trying to understand this bug...

    Behaviour changed a little on my session, and I don't know why (a package update ?) : Now crash do not occur every time, but randomly (most of the time not), on every button (1 to 8, left and right) whatever action is set on them (or at least I don't understand which mapping cause the crash). Sometimes I can use the button during a quarter an hour without triggering the crash.

    I could not reproduce the bug with Manjaro KDE 8.8 or Manjaro Cinamon 8.8. But with Ubuntu 13.10 (Unity), crash occur 2 times with the same behaviour.

    An interesting point is that Unity use gnome-control-center for Wacom settings too, and Cinamom is not (Wacom settings disappeared recently from their own control center).

    I reported the bug to Gnome, but they considered it invalid...
    Should I reopen it ?

    Can it be a hardware issue (faulty contact) ?

    I forgot to add I have a second monitor... but crash occur if its connected or not, whatever how I set it.

    And finally... my system language is french... Probably not the right track, but maybe worth mentioning

    I'm quite confused with this bug, it is driving me crazy !

    Thanks for your work !

    PS : I can't find my old Pen partner tablet, I believe someone borrow it to me ...

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