General question about quota/journaled quota implementation on Linux

  • Luciano

    Hello Jan,

    would you mind to develop a little more on the subject bellow?

    "quotacheck(8) has to be run only in cases when fsck(8) finds some fs corruption and has to modify the filesystem."

    For instance, shall the normal journal replay after a crash be always considered a modification of the filesystem in this regard?

    We would like to avoid quotacheck at all, because in our case, it takes up to 1 hour to complete. However, as long as I've seen in init.d scripts on debian and centos, quotacheck is currently always executed after a system crash, no matter what is the exit code from fsck.

    Any insights on whether it is safe to disable quotacheck in debian/centoOS init scripts (e.g. when the return status is 0 and 1) are welcome.

    Best regards,