Simple quotactl program

  • I'm trying to start using quotas, but quota-tools seems to be a higher level tool than I need -- it's a whole quota administration system, whereas I really just need to be able to do simple quotactl() system calls.  In fact, quota-tools won't even work on my system because it expects certain conventions I don't follow; I don't even maintain /etc/mtab.

    The kind of administration I need can be done in a few dozen lines of custom Perl.

    So here's my question:  Is there a simple program to do low-level quota manipulation?  If not, I will write one.

    • Jan Kara
      Jan Kara

      There is a Perl module (I think Perl::Quota) implementing the basic low-level quota operations. So I guess that is what you'd like to have.

      • Thanks.  I hadn't thought of that.

        I checked out the module (called simply "Quota"), and interestingly enough, it implements only Q_GETQUOTA, Q_SETQLIM, and Q_SYNC.  Q_QUOTAON and Q_QUOTAOFF are conspicuously missing.

        I think for some uses, Q_QUOTAON and Q_QUOTAOFF may be all I need and I can generate the quota file externally at mount time, out of a text quota file and full filesystem scan.  That way, I wouldn't have to worry about quota file corruption.