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Old style numbers in Linux Libertine

  • Akki Nitsch
    Akki Nitsch

    Hey everybody,

    i would like to use Linux Libertine for typesetting my masterthesis but there is one feature absolutly necessary for doing that: old style numbers (aka as "Mediävalziffern" in german).

    There is a nice example of that in an example on the Linux-Libertine-homepage (Multilingual-2.1.9b.pdf) put i didn't found the old style numbers after installing Libertine. Is there any trick to use them or are they only available in "Linux Libertine Caps"?

    Thanks for your great work and your help

    Kind regards

    Akki Nitsch

    • They are at the end of the font table. If you don't have an OpenType capable program you have to enter them by hand via "Insert special character" (or similar character table).