#172 Problems with Libertine and Beamer Templates

version 5.0.0

First I used the LaTeX packages from Ubuntu 11.04. There I had no problems in using Libertine with different beamer templates. Then I removed all texlive-* packages and installed Texlive manually, in order to get newer packages. From this point the Libertine font makes problems.

LaTeX beamer template without libertine:

LaTeX beamer template with libertine:

I also contacted the author of that template and he told me that it must be a problem with the font. He assumed that the font has problems with the "ex" unit. Hopefully this helps to find the bug.

Source Code:

\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}
\setbeamertemplate{frametitle continuation}[from second][(cont'd)]



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  • I can reproduce the same issue with any Beamer template like Madrid, Frankfurt, CambridgeUS, etc. with the new Libertine release last Jul/Aug(?). There is no problem using the old release (from TeX Live 2010).

  • Sample

  • Hi,
    send me a runnung minimal sample. michael@linuxlibertine.org
    Which libertine-version do you use (see libertine.sty)?

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  • Phil, can you check the x height (ex) entry of the fonts.

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  • I'm facing the same problem with beamer theme "shadow". Libertine version is 5.1.2.

  • The x-height value was written wrongly in some styles due to a bug in fontforge. This should have been fixed AFAIK and thus the fonts we are going to publish soon, should be working.

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  • Thanks for your report.
    Problem now might be fixed with the next release, please test again.

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