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  • Bill Shotts
    Bill Shotts

    The very first web page went up today.

    • Cyber Mage
      Cyber Mage

      Like the webpage - question for you though:
      Will you be focusing only on XTerms? I take it you are assuming most of your intended audience will have installed X and a window manager? Additionally you want them to not drop out of X for any of training?
      With regards to this will you focus on;
        Types of Shells,
        Shell environment variables and configuration flags
        any an all usefull command line programs
        distribution specific command line programs
        end user command line tool focus or
        system administration from the command line?

      Looking for more direction (or clarification that you have no forgone decision to be that specific)

      • Bill Shotts
        Bill Shotts

        I assume that more recent users of Linux will have done a graphical installation and will have a XDM based login mechanism.  This is certainly true of the current Red Hat, Caldera, and Corel distributions.

        My aim with the site is to train users of legacy OS's to realize the true advantages of a Linux system.  I believe this can only be done with an effective understanding of the command line.  To a new user of a Linux system is that modern distributions look and act in very "Windows-like" ways.  While this is good in the sense that it presents the new user with a familiar environment, it obscures the true power of the system and hides its most compelling advantages.

        As to your other questions, I will not focus on any particular terminal, I want to teach the command line.  The site will be agressively bash-centric.  Since I am a Red hat user, the site will be rather Red Hat centric as well, but I welcome contributions that will broaden the scope of distributions supported.

        One of the educational ideas I have is that each lesson will attempt to demonstrate how the command line can be used to perform some task that is difficult to perform with the GUI.  One notions I have is the concept of the "incantation" which is a single command line that can perform some amazing trick.  Linux/Unix "gurus" perform their magic by knowing the right incantation for the job.

        On my Red Hat system, I have over 1200 programs in my /usr/bin directory alone.  After years of Linux use, I still don't know what they all do.  I want to build a facility called the SuperMan pages to help explain them.  I propose a database backend that will contain records of all the the man pages with a lot of additional clasification.  I intend this as an aid to users to help find command that may support their desired goals.

        I am not being specific as to the goals the user may have.  I want to be general like the system is.

        I hope this answers your questions.