#60 mkudffs on HDD incompatible with Windows?!

Wayne Liu

We did some testing with UDF on Hard disk drives
(HDDs) and found some incompatibility between Linux
UDF and Windows.

1. Formating on Linux:
The command used is "mkudffs --media-type=hd /dev/sda"
(where /dev/sda is the removable drive). We also tried
creating UDF on a partition (i.e. using /dev/sda1),
and got the same results. Once this is done, we were
able to mount the HDD (or partition) and read/write to

2. When we bring the Linux-formated HDD to Windows,
Windows Vista thinks the HDD is unformated. XP
recognizes the UDF format, and can read simple files.
But it will give an error if we try to access files
under sub-directories.

3. We also formated UDF on the same HDD under Vista.
The HDD can be mounted and read on Linux. But once
Linux writes any file to the HDD, Windows thinks the
HDD is corrupted.

In all these cases MAC can read the UDF file systems
and files created by both Windows and Linux.

Does anybody know if this is a bug on the Windows or
in the Linux UDF?


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    I have had a similar problem.

    I'm a complete novice with linux, and have a three way setup with udf(2.0) dvds.
    XT pc, Ubuntu PC and Panasonic dvd video recorder.

    XT and dvd video udf disks are interchangeable with no problems.
    A (preformatted at purchace) udf disk written to in XP will be accepted and written to in the dvd video recorder.
    A (preformatted at purchace) udf disk written to by the dvd video recorder will be read ok and written to in XP.
    The same goes for disks formatted to UDF20 in the dvd video recorder and XP (using udf tools).

    However .. once linux gets involved by writing to the udf formatted disk, the disk is no longer readable in neither XP nor the dvd video recorder. As far as linux is concerned, everthing is ok. As far as everything else is concerned, linux has messed up the structure.

    Any chance this can be resolved? .. or should udf disks be regarded as read only for linux?