#45 udf not writable in 2.4 Linux

Pat LaVarre

UDF reads only, and does not rewrite, by kernel.org default.

This is not a bug - this will never be closed - this is broken as
designed. I'm entering this explanation as bug only to help you
find it, because I find many newbies think this is a surprising bug.

If you want to write, you or your redistribution has to reconfigure
and rebuild your kernel.

The relevant .config override is CONFIG_UDF_RW=y.  To allow that
choice, you may need CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL=y.  People say
CONFIG_UDF_FS=m sometimes works better than =y.

Linux 2.4 drags you thru this hassle by design, to defend you
against corrupting a disc by using an new filesystem that in Linux
was untried, back in such days as the 29-Jan-2001 of 2.4.1.

The Linux 2.6 begun in 2003-12 invites you to test the UDF source
code that by now is older.


  • Pat LaVarre
    Pat LaVarre

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    > People say CONFIG_UDF_FS=m
    > sometimes works better than =y.

    From such a source I hear more specifically:

    Yes I had problems when I compiled this into the kernel. As a module it
    is ok. On boot up the kernel would not load when it was built in.