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Linux for 68k Macintoshes - 2.2.23 Kernel release

A kernel updated to 2.2.23 has now been released. Mac-specific changes are improved Ethernet device support. This project is a developmental branch off the Linux/m68k port, supporting older Macintoshes with a Motorola 68020, 030, or 040 CPU and an MMU. Includes some II* and most LC/Centris/Quadra/Performa *** machines.

Tested Ethernet devices are:

For Sonic driver:
Onboard Sonic on Quadra 950, Quadra 650 and Quadra 650.
Macintosh Ethernet LC PN 820-0443-C
Apple Ethernet LC Twisted Pair PN 820-0532-A

For SMC driver:
Asante MacCon CS PN 09-00098-12
API Engineering LC PDS
Spectrum Engineering PDS PN 7ET-L10
Asante AsanteFAST 10/100 Nubus PN 09-00096-01

For Mac8390 driver:
Asante MacCon+610 for 610 PDS slot
Asante MCiLC PN 09-00062-03
Asante MCNB PN 09-00061-02
Asante MC3NB 4 different versions PN 09-0030x-52
Apple Ethernet PN 820-0207A
Farallon Ethernet A-Series 590a-TP
Farallon Ethernet A-Series (different than above no PN)
Farallon EtherMac II-TP 590a-TP
Farallon EtherWave 890-TP
Farallon EtherMac LC-TP 592a-TP
Cabletron DNI PN 9000343-05
DaynaPort E/II-T PN 00802-2001-000
Kinetics EtherPort IIN

The following cards are known not to work with the existing drivers:

DaynaPort E/Si 30 - should use sonic driver, can't locate sonic register address.
Apple Ethernet NB Twisted Pair PN 820-0511A - should use sonic driver, can't locate sonic register address.

Farallon Commslot Card - Should use SMC driver but contains no Nubus ROM and I can't locate the address of the SMC registers.

DaynaPort E/CS-T (Crystal) - Should use the mac89x0 driver, but it can't locate the registers.

Posted by Raylynn Knight 2003-01-08