#31 Request for tools that compile against

Matthew Newhall

Thank you for taking your time to write this code.

I have a humble request. Please maintain a set of
tools that will complile against the mainline kernel,
say for example (for example), either via
patch, cvs, or a seperate release for just the tools
that match the current kernel. It seems like the there
are patches going into the Linux kernel, but I don't
know what tools they match.

The varients that didn't work include the last for
experimental versions.

I was working on a project to mirror 2 9TB sata
hardware raid servers using iscsi via this code and
enterprise target with raid 1 on top on 64bit hardware.
Unfortunatly the project was canned due to time
constraints. I did get it to run with core 4's
2.6.11-1.1369_FC4smp and linux-iscsi-
after applying the included patch against the 2.6.11
kernel, but would get page errors and a kernel panic
when I pounded on the raid 1 (on top of iscsi) array
with bonnie++.

The bad news is I no longer have access to the
hardware. I cannot post reports. :(

If I had spent less time fooling with versions I could
have made more progess with debuging.

I'll try again soon with my own personal lesser hardware.

Thanks for your heroic efforts.