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  • Tib

    I am trying to get UPnP working on my system, mostly for my XB360 but also for functionality of other hosts on my home network that NAT out behind my linux box. I am having some trouble though… the linux-igd packages that are installed seem to boot up fine, and the debug logs show it is aware of UPnP traffic that goes on around it, but it is not taking any action to create the rules needed to make anything work - there are zero messages about adding maps out of 11Mb of debug logs. I am running an iptables firewall system, and the upnpd config files are pointed to the right place for it. What's missing?

    I'm on Ubuntu Server 11.10, kernel 3.0.0-16 and here's the linux-igd packages I have currently:

    ii  libgupnp-1.0-3                         0.16.1-1                                     GObject-based library for UPnP
    ii  libgupnp-igd-1.0-3                     0.1.11-1                                     library to handle UPnP IGD port mapping
    ii  libminiupnpc5                          1.5-2ubuntu2                                 UPnP IGD client lightweight library
    ii  libupnp4                               1.8.0~svn20100507-1.1                        Portable SDK for UPnP Devices, version 1.8 (shared libraries)
    ii  linux-igd                              1.0+cvs20070630-3                            Linux UPnP Internet Gateway Device

  • Nick Leverton
    Nick Leverton


    I'm the Debian maintainer and I know the package basically works, as I am using the same versions, though not (yet) with an Xbox as client - that needs to await a network reconfiguration that I hope to find spare time to make some time soon.

    I assume you're capturing the syslog 'debug' priority with 'debug_mode = 3' in upnpd.conf, is that right ?

    You say you see no "ActionName = AddPortMapping" messages.  Do you see any HandleActionRequest and "Actionname =" messages at all ? Can you upload a representative section from your logs either here or to a Launchpad bug ?

  • Tib

    I'm not sure what happened today… I uninstalled the packages the other day to try another upnpd setup, had no luck. Installed these after seeing your note so I could duplicate my problem and share any info that may be useful.

    I verified my configs (same as before, the package remove had left them), made sure I wasn't running anything else to conflict with it, and started it up. Spent a minute or few setting up my log captures so I didn't have to dig, fired up my xbox and told it to test the connection and now it's green across the board. No complaints about 'moderate nat'. The upnp log shows successful port mapping.

    Not that I'm complaining, but WTF?? Gremlins.. or gnomes.. whatever :] thanks for getting back to me on this.