#25 gpib_config crashes with PCI488 (cec_gpib)


I have two Keithley PCI 488 GPIB cards. Two systems,
both cloned, running 2.6.12 (slackware), and linux gpib

One of the cards works great, not a single problem. We
then ordered a second card, and with an identical
setup, it crashes when running gpib_config. Loading the
modules (cec_gpib, nec7210, gpib_common) is fine, but
the second gpib_config runs I see this output and then
the system hangs:

gpib: (debug) request module returned 256
ACPI: PCI Interrupt 0000:01:02.0[A] -> GSI 18 (level,
low) -> IRQ 18
plx9050 base address 0xdc00
nec7210 base address 0xd880

Swapping the bad card into either system gives the same
output and hangs. I'm thinking of calling Keithly and
just returning it, but if there are any ideas or
suggestions I'm all open.


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    Minor update, I installed the latest gpib package (3.2.06),
    and I'm getting the same error.

    I should also mention that both systems have the same
    motherboard/chipset (Intel D845PESV).

    This has got to be a bad board, right? What could cause the
    gpib_config program to hang a system like this? I've never
    had a single problem with my other PCI-488 card.

    I fear having to deal with Keithly and them not accepting my
    exaplantion since I'm using linux (it came with windows
    drivers, hah).

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    I give up. I setup the same system with a Windows 2000
    drive, and installed the drivers that came with it and sure
    enough the driver loaded up fine, but when I try to use any
    of their utilities to configure the card it locks up the
    system. Now I've used their windows package with the other
    card and it never locked the system,....this is a bad card.
    I send it back to purchasing to get a RMA.

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    In case anyone cares. A replacement card came from Keithley
    and it worked, no problem.