I just want to make a tangential comment, call it trivia almost,
but if we wanted to use my in-kernel GUI -- FBUI -- to handle
the graphics during startup, including the penguin image, or
even to handle the virtual console terminal itself or the login
prompt, then I expect that can be done.

Zack Smith

James Simmons wrote:
Hi James,

Tested on vesafb: works
Tested on rivafb: crashes on fb_show_logo().

Ug!! Which video card are you using,what logos are you attempting to 
draw, and if you could post the oops trace? This is really strange. I 
tested the code with Radeon, 3Dfx, NeoMagic, and the VesaFB driver. They 
all worked. Also the riva drives used cfb_imageblit for the logo. Tomorrow 
I will pull out my TNT2 card to see what happens. 

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