On Friday 17 April 2009, John Linn wrote:

> Added support for the new xps tft controller. The new core

> has PLB interface support in addition to existing DCR interface.


> Removed platform device support as both MicroBlaze and PowerPC

> use device tree.

I just said in another email thread that we would need a CONFIG_DCR

option that DCR using drivers should depend on, if it ever happened

outside of powerpc.

Well, apparently this happened earlier than I expected.

Converting the driver to use the generic DCR interface

makes it possible to use in any system that provides this

interface, including those that use a hard CPU core with xilinx_fb

on an FPGA, so it makes sense to just change the dependency

in Kconfig and provide CONFIG_DCR in microblaze (unconditionally)

as well as in powerpc instead of the existing CONFIG_PPC_DCR.

Arnd <><