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linsmith-0.99.1 released

  • John Coppens
    John Coppens

    The main feature in this release is the replacement of the bitmap
    background of the on-screen chart by a vector map. This vastly improves
    the quality of the chart when zooming.

    To improve the aspect of the chart, you will probably want to edit
    the default colors of the screen chart in 'Preferences'. Though I'm
    sure this is a matter of personal taste, these are the colors I've
    used for the screen shots and the manual (on the 'Screen' tab of

      R-lines and X-lines 'Normal': Hue 30, Saturation 30, Value 100
                          'Bold':   Hue 30, Saturation 45, Value 100

      Background color:             Hue 58, Saturation 13, Value 100

    The initial size of the vector chart can be set on the same Preferences
    page. 200 pixels will almost fill the space of the startup screen.

    Note: The font definition is not used yet!

    It is also possible to define the font and font size of the monospaced
    characters below the chart and on the Results page. The original, default
    values, were a little 'light'.