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linsmith-0.9.0a2 released

  • John Coppens
    John Coppens

    A few small bugfixes and improvements:

    2005/04/12 v0.9.0a2     - Value text for Z/Y component wasn't initialized.     
                            - On Lawrence's request, I changed the frequency       
                            resolution to 3 decimals                               
                            - Update and New buttons were not activated            
                            reliably - solved                                      
                            - Main screen component editor showed uH, should       
                            be nH - corrected (again Lawrence...)                  

    • Hi John,
      more suggestions:
      1). in the loads tab, it would be very nice if clicking on a load would highlight (reverse dot color?) the dot on the smith chart. This could also be useful the other direction in that clicking on a dot should highlight the load line.
      2). on the results tab, the frequency headings would look better if expanded to .001mhz resolution to match the loads screen.
      3).when a stub is selected, there needs to be some init done... either preset line type to "unknown" or as it shows up now as RG8, fill in the impedance and velocity factor fields to match.
      4). calcs seem broken on shunt parallel l/c loads. Try the following... define a load of 3.75mhz 9-j14.3 (happens to be my 80mtr loop antenna). Shunting a 850nH inductor makes the loads approx non reactive (correct). A 3100mm shorted stub of RG8 across the load does the same thing (correct). A parallel l/c across the load of any cap and 850nh gives a broken result. A load like 1pf and 850nh should give close to a non reactive result inside the 2-1 circle. (same as stub and inductor examples above).
      I hope this helps.
      Lawrence VE7IT

      • John Coppens
        John Coppens

        Points 2, 3 and 4 are implemented in the 0.9.0a3 release. I'll leave 1) for the next normal release of the program - it's more complicated than the others, and needs more thought.

        Again thanks for the suggestions & reports.