only 30-100 thumbs generated at once?

  • This is a problem I have had with both 0.9.2 and 0.9.3. when I make a change, and need to rebuild thumbnails, linpha will only build between 30 and 100 thumbnails at one time. I have typically had to either leave the "autogenerate" option on, and click six or seven times on varying folders, or click six or seven times on the "create thumbnails" (not recreate) button. Each time, it generates usually about 100. This usually takes 10 - 12 minutes at least.
    What could be causing this? Should it take so long?

    • bzrudi


      I guess you are using the convert tool from ImageMagick, therefore I think you run into Apache's runtime limit, not the PHP limit.
      Please check your httpd.conf

      cheers bzrudi 

    • lewinb

      Hi, I finally have had time to put the snapshot into use. After dealing with the install problems, I wanted to report that even with the changes, linpha is still only generating no more than about 100 thumbs at a time. also, I don't think this is linpha (probably imagemagick), but something is not releasing ram when it is finished. As linpha generates thumbs, more and more of the space on my drive is eaten up with VM. Ordinarily, it seems like apps don't continually need more RAM to work with a series of documents. But last night (and every other time), when I opened linpha for the first time after install, it left me with less than 60 megs free after creating about 110 thumbs.