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Howto Ignore .DS_Store Hidden Files?

  • + LinpHA 1.0 beta 3
    + Mac OS X Server 10.3.8
    + MySQL 4.0.18
    + Imagemagick 6.1.7 from entropy.ch

    Is there a way to make LinPHA ignore OSX's hidden .DS_Store files -- or is this something I need to reconfigure with Apache? When browsing albums in LinPHA, some of them state at the top of the page that they are ignoring hidden file .DS_Store. Thanks in advance, LinPHA rocks ... we're using it as an Intranet site to store several workgroups' high-resolution images.

    • if you get the message "ignoring hidden file ..." the file isn't shown and everything is okay

      you only get this message once

      greets flo

    • Thanks, flo!

      Somethint else popped up in the meantime ... is there any way to keep "Temporary Items" and "Trash" folders showing up (I currently have them set to "admin only" so no one sees them)? I've replaced "albums" with a symbolic link to an AFP/SMB share, so those two invisible folders are showing up now that I've had a creative or two working directly off of the server with Photoshop (I know, it's a no-no, but they just never listen!).

      • you can play around with the two functions get_ignore_filelist() and get_ignore_fileext() in the file functions/db_api.php
        but this only works with subfolders
        the mainfolders as you said already you can exlude with the folder permissions

        greets flo