No thumbnails

  • The install wents done (i have no GD installed just Image Magick). If i upload any kind of supported images, i do not have thumbnails just a thumbnail caption. Only the full size view avaible.

    • Sorry the forgotten details: OSX 10.3 server,  MySQL 4.0.14,
      php4 and Image Magick from

    • bzrudi


      this may be caused by several issues, please look arround in the general help and the unix help forum as it's not Mac specific ;-).

      cheers bzrudi

    • Thanks i did it. But i this time not find wich topic covers the solution. But I dont give up ;-)

    • Oops! I find it. So if anybody have the same problem go to
      General>no thumbnails at all  topic.
      Thx bzrudi