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#11 16pre9: mailer display problems


1. Viewing the unproto list of bulletins (following
the ':mail' command) I select a bulletin for
downloading by tagging it, and then hitting the 'd'
key. I then often go away to another LinPac screen,
leaving the bulletin list up whilst LinPac does the
download, say, to the F2 screen. When I jump back to
the list (e.g with ALT-1) I find the screen blank,
with only the recently downloaded entry visible. It
seems that the mailer's bulletin list does not get
refreshed upon re-entry.

2. The mail composer screen also causes me problems.
Initially, all is well, as I start typing away at a
new message. Once the cursor gets near the bottom, a
blank line appears, and text being typed is echo-ed
back a character at a time on a new line, pyramid-
fashion. Once the composer gets in this state, it also
becomes inpossible to kill lines. the composer will
detele a line other than the one the cursor is parked

3. A minor problem: after a successful download from
my FBB BBS, LinPac does not disconnect. The fix is to
manually hit the enter key, or wait for the
BBS 'inactivity' timeout.

Wilbert, ZL2BSJ


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    Hi Wilbert, Hi all,

    Your third item had already related in the forum.
    This problem occured since Xfbb 7.xx release.

    You have just to modify the file like this :

    ORIGINAL section :

    /* send FQ to disconnect BBS */
    void disc_bbs()
    lp_statline("Forward: disconnecting BBS");
    bbs_connected = 0;
    lp_wait_event(lp_channel(), EV_DISC_FM);

    CORRECTED section :

    /* send FQ to disconnect BBS */
    void disc_bbs()
    lp_statline("Forward: disconnecting BBS");
    bbs_connected = 0;
    lp_emit_event(lp_channel(), EV_DISC_LOC, 0, NULL);
    lp_wait_event(lp_channel(), EV_DISC_LOC);

    After that just do a make and make install.

    73 from Thierry-F1TVE

  • Wilbert Knol
    Wilbert Knol

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    Thanks, Thierry, for the hint regarding item 3.

    I recently upgraded to 2.4.18-pre2 and the Mandrake 8.2
    distribution. After I re-compiled and re-installed Linpac 6-
    pre9, I found the display problems as mentioned in items 1
    2 have gone away.

    Also, I can once again run 'ulistd' without a system freeze.

    So, clearly, none of these problems originated in LinPac.

    The only minor problem I have now, is that the monitored
    packet displayed in the bottom segment of the screen
    occasionally scramble the entire (session) screen.

    The work-around is to use ':mon off', which still leaves
    the F10 monitor operational.

    I should add I use the <binary data> display option, that
    detects non-ASCII characters and displays <binary> in their

    Other than that, 16pre9 works great, and I am really
    pleased with's *excellent*.

    Wilbert, ZL2BSJ

  • John Williams
    John Williams

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