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LinLogBook a hamradio logbook for linux / News: Recent posts

LinLogBook 0.5

LinLogBook 0.5 is now available as file release. A complete documentation can be found on the file download page.

Posted by Volker Schroer 2013-02-20

LinLogBook 0.4 has been released

LinLog 0.4 now supports eqsl and / or Lotw uploads

Posted by Volker Schroer 2008-10-12

LinLogBook 0.3.1 released

LinLogBook 0.3.1 is a bug fix release. Unde som circumstances changes or new qsos were not written back to the database. This should be fixed now. So it is strongly recommended tu upgrade to 0.3.1

Posted by Volker Schroer 2008-05-23

LinLogBook 0.3 released

LinLogBook 0.3 now supports the labeling of qsl cards

Posted by Volker Schroer 2008-02-03

LinLogBook 0.2.1 released

LinLogBook 0.2.1 was realesed. See the Chanelog for what's new. See the documentation how to install or update.

Posted by Volker Schroer 2008-01-07