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LinLoader VM / News: Recent posts

Project is looking for contributors and a team

We are looking for a team of programmers, hardware/Linux/windows Guru's, porters for Loadlin and Lilo from ASM to C++ to windows.

We are also looking for people who are looking to disassemble some linux stuff so we can learn about the OS more.

Email me at ajdiperla@netzero.net and look at previous posts.

Posted by Joseph DiPerla 2003-01-02

LinLoader VM project- The Linux Loader has started!!!

LinLoader VM for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP and other operating systems that are going to be ported.

What is LinLoader VM?

It is not your typical Linux Loader. It wont boot you out of Windows or Dos, just so you can log on to Linux. Instead it will read the Linux Images \(VMLinuz, ZImage, BZImage, initrd, linuxsys,img etc...\) and it will display your Linux box in a Virtual Window on your desktop. ... [read more](/p/linloadervm/news/2003/01/linloader-vm-project--the-linux-loader-has-started/)
Posted by Joseph DiPerla 2003-01-02