Hi guys,

I just committed the code for creating/displaying/saving survey. It should work to a certain extent properly now but I havent tested it extensively yet. I am really appreciated if you can test and send me feedback / bug list asap.

Some noticeable changes to the structure:
- No more inline JS for question type plugins. It's the source of errors for builder JS when the data replacing isnt quick enough for the variable to be initialize in the new structure. I have switched to event delegation now to prevent the errors. The code look cleaner btw.
- Current question types' view designing is a pain to deal with. I have notice that most of the view components actually can be resused (such as question text, question help etc. ) hence, I create some more smaller elements and link them with the old file. Faster to locate the errors and deal with them this way.
- Type of question answers ( text/longtext/integer/floar/datetime ) is now handle using a variable $qtAnswerType in the Question Types Model. Indicate this in the questiontype_design model so the Result Model can recognize them and react properly.
- A lot of changes in survey_engine. I have only tested the anonymous assignment. The User Assignment Js seems to be broken again. Currently I'm investigating that. But you can create public survey just fine.